About Project

All foreigners who live, lived or have visited Russia can agree on one thing, Russia is an amazing country. Now I’m not gonna do a pitch on how amazing it is. It is however, my adopted country and I can say one thing for sure, Russia gets ridiculously bad press!!!!

The reason I started this project was so we can honestly show what Russia is really like. This is to benefit anybody wanting to visit Russia and wants honest information. This is not Government sponsored or any sort of propaganda. On this site you will see the good and the bad.

The Idea is simple. Anyone can upload a video here. As long as it is about Russia. Please make clips about anything to do with Russia. About your daily life, events, places to visit, work, study, living, hints, tips, and anything that may be helpful to a foreigner who is wanting to visit.

I will watch the videos first before publishing them.

The process is pretty simple, simply click on the “Add Video” tab on the main menu.

If you choose to actually upload the video rather then embed it, then I will download it from the site and add it to my youtube channel and then embed the video. This is simply because the site will require a huge database if all the videos are actually hosted on it. The site will then also be slow to load and and the user experience will be effected.

By uploading videos, you agree to allow me to download, upload to my youtube channel and re-embed the video on this site. Alternatively you can simply open an account on a video hosting platform such as youtube or vimeo and then just add the video url on the upload page.

If you are a foreigner living in Russia then you qualify for a FREE Action Camera! To help you to make videos! See the link on the homepage menu for more information.

If you are viewing this site as a guest, I hope that you enjoy the content. If you have any questions at all about anything related to Russia, feel free to contact me. I will be glad to assist you in any way that I can.


Sam Hyland.